Why Peaks?

Learn from our mistakes, not yours! We have been where you are, combining a stressful career, with family life and athletic ambitions. And despite all these obstacles, we’ve achieved great success! Over the years, through trial and error, we’ve gained a vast amount of knowledge about balancing a busy lifestyle with planning triathlon and cycling training and racing with limited time.

Triathlon and cycling training for time crunched professionals

So, why make the same mistakes we did? When you can gain from our experience as we guide you to achieve your sporting goals in a balanced and healthy manner, knowing all too well the sacrifices needed to get there. We will be with you every step of the way with your valuable triathlon and cycling training – coaching, guiding and mentoring you on your way to success.

Utilise our holistic approach, offering much more than ‘just’ coaching

  • Training and 1-1 development
  • Bike fit for performance gains
  • Race planning, pacing plans and analysis
  • Kit advice and discounts
  • Access to a massive database of specific articles to support your goals
  • Advice on nutrition and all other aspects of sporting success


100% personal 


Suggest and direct

Adapt and deliver

Meet Andy Jackson

Andy is Peaks Sports Principal & Owner , a qualified triathlon, cycling coach & bike fitter. For over 20 years he's successfully juggled a high-level blue-chip executive career and a busy family to get to the highest levels of amateur sport. His list of achievements include:

2019 World 24hr TT Champion

2019 UK CTT Natioanl 12hr Time Trial Champion

2018 UK CTT National 24hr Time Trial Champion

  2017 UMCA 12hr World Champion and course record holder

•  2016 UMCA 6hr World Champion and record holder

•  2019 VTTA 50m TT champion & 2018 VTTA 24hr Champion

•  6x Ironman finisher including World Championships at Kona and multiple representation of GB age group team

•  2017 UK CTT National 12hr Bronze medallist

•  Double CTT National Team Time Trial medal winner (Gold 2015, Silver 2016)

•  Holder of some of the UK’s fastest (short distance) and furthest (long distance) times / miles of all time

•  ZWIFT 24hr distance record holder – 568miles (2017)

•  Certified ‘nutter’ with countless ‘crazy’ challenges under his belt!

•  Successful business career to Director level in top 100 FMCG UK Food company



Alongside years of working with some of the best multi sport and cycling coaches, Andy is an Ironman qualified coach. This gives our clients  full access to all the very best triathlon and cycling training techniques, advice and sessions from the sports greats.


Want to truly individualise your training and diet then understanding your own unique body make up via DNA analysis is the way forward. As a DNAFit expert, Andy is qualified to administer the test, interpret the results with you and structure personalised diet and training based on YOUR needs.


Success in cycling and triathlon is underpinned by a perfectly fitting bike. Andy is a fully qualified IBFI bike fitter so can ensure that this is achieved for you, married to the best aerodynamic advice for #freespeed


Call us on 07917 617988 or email peakssportsconsultancy@gmail.com