Imagine a triathlon or cycling coach who can plan, manage and integrate every tailored element of your sporting performance, keeping every aspect in view, in-balance and on target.

Introducing ‘Viewpoint’, a new and unique, totally holistic, 1-2-1 performance package for you and your lifestyle.

Your fully holistic triathlon and cycling coach

At Peaks we realise that there is no ‘magic bullet’ to achieving your sporting goals. Success comes from hard work and the optimum attention to and integration of numerous factors; your training, your kit, your diet, your preparation and your mental approach.

VIEWPOINT – 7 aspects, ONE solution.

We have developed this unique new multi-disciplinary package to cover the seven aspects of cycling and triathlon performance; coaching and training, DNA coaching, bike fitting, nutrition, mental preparation, race planning and your kit & equipment. We are able to focus on all these important aspects through one solution. It’s a fully 1-2-1 personal coaching plan totally tailored to you and your goals.

As well as being your triathlon or cycling coach, we also act as the ‘performance hub’, working with you on the seven aspects required to succeed. As every performance element is all ‘in one place’, it means we are able to ensure each independent element works in harmony with the others to ensure your athletic success.

Our Platinum and Gold VIEWPOINT packages will support you in every aspect you need to achieve your sporting ambitions.

The Seven aspects of VIEWPOINT

VIEWPOINT – a unique new type of triathlon and cycling coach

Coaching and Training

First and foremost we will become your triathlon or cycling coach, implementing the most important element of VIEWPOINT – training! We start with an initial consultation (face to face, Skype or email) to determine and outline your training needs based on your goals. If you choose DNAFit we analyse the results of your personal DNA profile to direct your training weighting. We provide a Training Peaks account (Basic or Premium) depending on the chosen package, where we upload training sessions in 2 week blocks, taking into account your feedback and analysis of past sessions. We then provide regular feedback and scheduled calls (SKYPE and/or phone) to discuss your progress and development.

Want the ultimate in personalised training and nutrition? We are DNAFit experts, able to test your personal DNA profile

DNA coaching

Want the ultimate in personalised training and nutrition? We are DNAFit experts, able to test your personal profile and tailor training and diet recommendations to maximise results from your training.

We offer the ultimate bike fitting service with biomechanical and aerodynamic bike fits

Bike Fitting

Success in cycling or triathlon is underpinned by a perfectly fitting bike. We are fully 'IBFI' qualified and can offer the ultimate bike position – combining aerodynamic and biomechanical fits for optimum performance.

DNA testing for cyclists & triathletes


Either based on your DNAFit test results, or in line with your personal training and recovery goals, we can provide fully tailored race and training nutrition plans that include a full suite of healthy, tasty and inspiring recipes.

Mental Preparation

Athletic success is not only about physical performance but also your mental approach. We can help you balance the stress of home, work and training, and cope with the pressures of racing and competitions.

Race Planning

We work with you on your racing goals, planning race strategies to achieve performance success. We also help you with the best way to approach races both practically (preparation) and mentally (visualisation).

Upgrade your cycling & triathlon kit

Kit and Equipment

It's all too easy to get swept up by the latest ‘trend’ or kit review, but what is the BEST equipment to ensure you meet your goals? We work closely with you to ensure you can identify the best equipment for your needs.


We can offer exclusive discounts for VIEWPOINT clients through our key partners – YOU COULD SAVE UP TO 30% OR OVER £1000!





Training and Coaching

1-2-1 Training by Andy Jackson, highly experienced triathlon and cycling coach

1-2-1 Training by Andy Jackson, highly experienced triathlon and cycling coach

Training Peaks account

Premium Account included

Basic Account included

DNAFit test, analysis
and tailored plan



Bike Fit

Platinum bike fit for 2 bikes + twice annual follow up

Platinum bike fit for one bike


Daily meal plans tailored to your training and DNAFit recommendations

Access to a suite of recipes designed for athletic performance (*specific to DNAFit profile where relevant)

Prescribed training and race nutrition

Advice on race / training nutrition

Mental Preparation

Unlimited contact to discuss your needs (phone, email or Facebook messaging)

2 weekly scheduled calls, SKYPE or meetings (1hr) to discuss all elements

Race Planning and Strategy

Specific pre-race analysis on the course, how to race and approach + post race analysis and suggestions to improve

Advice in monthly calls on specific target races and post race analysis

Kit and Equipment

Unlimited contact to analyse your needs

Bi-monthly scheduled calls, SKYPE or meetings (1hr) to discuss all elements

Exclusive Benefits

Up to 30% off key products – could save you over £1100!

Up to 20% off key products – could save you over £800!

Initial VIEWPOINT Consultation

includes Platinum bike fit and DNAFit analysis


DNAFit analysis and results consultation



Initial Consultation WITHOUT bike fit and DNAFit



Monthly Fee

Minimum period


6 months


6 months


Call us on 07917 617988 or email