Race Planning and Preparation

You’ve put in all the training, you’ve eaten right and you have the best kit you can afford… how can you ensure all this ‘clicks’ into place on race day? How do you approach the lead up to the race? Researching the course? The competition? The logistics?

One of the biggest and often overlooked aspects of preparation is the build up towards your key ‘A’ event. We can help with all aspects of race preparation and strategy. What should your race plan be on the build up to your key target? These races are ideal to test pacing, nutrition, kit, transitions and logistics and are a fundamental part of your ‘A’ race success.

Your personal racing partner

Working with you every step of the way

We work with you every step of the way on the lead up to race day:

How and what you should  research on the race: the course, the competition

How will you approach the lead up, actual race day and afterwards?

What can you learn in research and what you need to research

What to pack (seems obvious but believe me its not!)

We work with you to provide strategies for each of these important elements.

Race day strategy

We will work with you to define the perfect racing plan for the particular course based on topography, weather and other prevalent factors.

Race day build up

What should your pre ‘A’ race build up look like? What should you research? What's your ideal checklist?

Race kit

What is the ideal race kit for your particular event? Why, how and where do you test it pre ‘A’ race day?

Race Preparation Pricing

Includes season race plan, advice on ‘A’ race and supporting races and race recommendations to support your goals.



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