At Peaks we understand that ‘fuel’ both for training and your every day life is absolutely critical to support you in pursuit of your athletic goals. Which is why we offer 100% personalised nutrition support, plans and recipes.

We offer two services. Our ultimate nutritional support is linked and based on your DNAFit results (if you opt to take the test). Or we can support your general training goals and life style without the DNA insight.

Fully personalised nutrition

DNA testing for cyclists & triathletes

DNAFit tailored nutrition plans

We can deliver nutrition plans fully personalised for your training and recovery based on your DNAFit results. We set you monthly meal plans and advise on training and racing nutrition. Which means your nutrition tracks in line with the energy expenditure from your training and racing. These plans are all uniquely married to your DNAFit recommendations to ensure we nutritionally support your training, recovery and racing. These are downloaded into your TP account so its all ‘in one place’ for easy access.

Tailored meal plans

Even without DNAFit testing we can set you personalised monthly nutrition. We can provide eating plans in line with your set training and recovery sessions. All linked via your Training Peaks account.

Inspiring recipes

Maybe you just want advice and help? We can deliver a full suite of healthy, inspiring recipes to supplement your own training and racing. We offer these in a 'one-off' payment.

Racing and Training

We can advise on the exact balance of fluids, carbs, protein and fats to incorporate into your daily training and race day nutrition. This will ensure you never again meet the dreaded ‘bonk’!

Personalised nutrition plans
Prescribed daily meal planner and race/training fuelling, downloaded directly into your Training Peaks account (*open to training clients and non training clients)

£100 Initial consultation
(*if not DNAFit)

£45 per month

One Off Nutrition plans
Provision of a full suite of recipes with advice on race and training fuelling



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