Mental Preparation

Often one of the most over looked aspects of triathlon and cycling performance is managing your mental approach and preparation whilst ensuring the all important healthy Work – Life – Training (racing) is kept in balance.

There is nothing worse than working hard for months in the build up to your big target race, then having your performance ruined by nerves on the big day, or family/work stresses that could have been avoided.

We’ve been in exactly these same situations over the years, and through a combination of our own experience and working with world class experts, we’ve built up many resources and coping strategies to make sure our athletes perform to their full potential on race day.

Balancing work, life and training

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We have many techniques, resources, and strategies to ensure our athletes are fully equipped to cope with all the stresses that modern life can throw at us.

Managing ‘guilt’ – not training, days off and days away from sport.

• Time management – how to achieve more from the time you have.

• Mental periodisation  – the racing and training season is a long one, with characteristic ups and downs. We help you mentally break the season down and work through it section by section.

Mental Preparation Pricing

Includes half hour consultation by phone, skype or face to face.



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