What if you could ‘short cut’ the trial and error of working out which training will work best for you? If we were to accurately know your best recovery strategy? And if we could advise the ideal diet that most suits your genetic make up? DNA testing is the answer.

DNA testing for cyclists & triathletes

At Peaks we believe in ultimate personalisation. This is why we offer DNA testing and have partnered with and trained to become a DNAFit expert.

We can test and analyse your DNA. Based on the results we can ensure that the training plans we set are the optimal balance of endurance and intervals, rest and recovery. And based on the findings we then advise on the correct macro and micro nutrient balance to maximise your training results.

You can find out more about DNA testing and DNAFit here.

How DNA testing can work for you

DNA testing for cyclists & triathletes


After DNA testing, the analysis tells us the genetic predisposition and how you will best respond to training. The body needs a balance of endurance and power (interval) type training to best adapt and develop. Also, your genotype tells us what balance of endurance to power training YOU best respond to. Therefore we can plan sessions that mirror your body's optimal needs.

DNA testing for cyclists & triathletes


We can tell how fast your body recovers from training. Through the DNA Fit analysis we can see its ability to deal with free radicals generated when training hard. As a result, we can optimise the gap between ‘hard’ sessions to ensure proper recovery.

DNA testing for cyclists & triathletes


After DNA testing we can understand your likelihood of injury and plan mitigation strategies through rest, recovery and eccentric exercises. Because of this knowledge, you can train hard without the worry of succumbing to pre-disposed weaknesses.

DNA testing for cyclists & triathletes


Through DNA analysis we can also advise the best macro nutrient diet. Depending on your genetic type we can balance your food intake to maximise your performance potential.

DNA testing for cyclists & triathletes

Meal Plans

Depending on your ‘VIEWPOINT’ package we can prescribe meal plans or suites of recipes. This enables us to balance your diet to your genotype.

DNA testing for cyclists & triathletes

Micro Nutrients

Our analysis tells us which micro nutrients you may naturally be deficient in. Therefore, we can advise diet or supplements to balance these deficiencies (*we will always advise your macro diet first).

DNA testing for cyclists & triathletes

100% Individual

DNA testing analysis enables us to offer true 100% individual training, diet and performance recommendations. This will maximise your potential and help you smash those targets.

Why buy DNAFit from us?

Working with Peaks Sports Consulting for your DNA testing and analysis you will get a 1hr feedback session, through the communication method that best suits you. At this feedback consultation, we will take you step by step through the findings from the report. We will then help educate you on the best ways to maximise the reports recommendations. In addition, if you then choose to incorporate this into your training and diet we will integrate the personalised recommendations into your plan.

DNAFIT Pricing

Includes personalised DNA profiling, detailed report and recipes and 1-2-1 discussion of results



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