Everyone on this planet is truly individual, which is why we firmly believe in a fully 100% personalised training programme. This is the best way to achieve cycling and triathlon success.

VIEWPOINT – a unique new type of triathlon and cycling coach 

Through an initial consultation (face to face, Skype or email) we determine and outline your training needs. This will also be based on your goals and the time you have available. We are a  DNAFit qualified expert, and if you choose this service we can tailor your training plan based on the DNAFit 

We will provide a Training Peaks account (Basic level), if you do not already have one.  If you are unfamiliar with Training Peaks you can see what its about here Training Peaks Overview

This is where, based on initial analysis and agreement of goals we upload training sessions in (a minimum of) 2 week blocks taking into account your feedback and post-session analysis.   All sessions are fully customisable, by us, based on your busy life and we will adapt and adjust as is needed to ensure you hit your goals, and maintain all of life’s other commitments. 

Included is unlimited contact with Andy, your coach, predominantly through the Training Peaks commentary, but also through whatever means best suits you.

As well as the above contact we will monitor progress via regular feedback and scheduled calls (SKYPE/phone).

Each session is directly aligned to agreed targets and are designed to work towards your goals. They are personalised in terms of intensity and time based on your personal needs and time available to train. These sessions are set over a 2 week period, following an analysis of past sessions and your valuable feedback.

If you have a specific target race we can produce time based training plans to enable you to hit the day in peak condition.


  • Peaks head coach Andy Jackson is a certified Ironman coach. As a result, he has full access to the key principles, training sessions and approaches from the best of the triathlon world.​
  • Andy has completed 6 Ironmans including the IM Kona World Championships. He has also worked with some of the best coaches in Triathlon. Because of this Andy has the experience and insight to support your goals.​
  • We have top-level cycle racing experience. Andy has raced both road and mountain bikes as well as winning multiple National short and long distance Time Trialling medals. Andy knows what it takes to achieve success on two wheels.​

Coaching Packages

£135 / month

  • 100% personalised plans
  • Training Peaks account
  • Unlimited contact
  • Discounted bike fit


  • 100% personalised plans
  • Training Peaks account
  • Unlimited contact
  • Discounted bike fit


  • Personalised DNA profiling
  • Detailed report and recipes
  • 1-2-1 discussion of results


  • Race preparation strategy
  • Managing race day nerves
  • Visualisation & winning strategies


  • Season race plan
  • Advice on ‘A’ race and supporting races
  • Race recommendations to support your goals


  • Critical review of your current kit
  • Suggestions for #freespeed upgrades
  • Exclusive discounts


  • 1-2-1 on your chosen area
  • Follow up call or email
  • Face to face or via video call

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