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Enhancing the Bike Fit experience

Here at Peak's focusing on and delivering 'real life' successful bike fits with cyclists, TT racers and triathletes is one of our areas of expertise. You can read in some detail, and watch some videos of the full Peaks bike fit experience here, on our web pages,  Bike Fitting the Peaks Way I have now… Continue reading Enhancing the Bike Fit experience

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Just how important is it to be aero?

On Sunday 7th July 2019, was one of my target races for the year, the CTT National 100 TT 2019.  I have previously had some decent results in this.  In 2018 I was 5th and won the Vets award, in 2015 I was 4th , missing the medal by an agonising 10 secs due to two… Continue reading Just how important is it to be aero?

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Why should I have a bike fit?   So this last few weeks at peaks HQ we have been carrying out a number of bike fits.  Focusing on fixing poor positions, optimising for performance and increasing comfort.  What is most satisfying for me is SEEING the results, visually in the 'look' and then after HEARING how much better someone is riding… Continue reading Why should I have a bike fit?

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Time Trial v Triathlon bike fit Bike fitting is not an exact science. SHOCK HORROR that an International Bike Fitting Institute trained bike fitter should say that!  But it's true. We operate to well researched and well documented principles. But the 'art' of a great fit is the adaptation of these to the client and the situation. This is particularly… Continue reading Time Trial v Triathlon bike fit