Bex Rimmington – Triathlon Case Study

Bex is already a well known name in cycling circles, being a former elite pro road racer. She now wanted to turn her attention to becoming an IronMan and qualifying for the famous Kona event.


Bex is a very strong cyclist.

She was also a talented swimmer – having competed at county level when at school.

Her goal was to complete an IronMan triathlon and qualify for the Kona World Championships.

Bex has a legendary attitude and commitment to training, a definite bonus for a challenging goal.


• Bex has very little experience of running, which could cause injury problems.

• She has a very busy life – family, full-time job and coaching kids leaves little time for training.

• Managing Bex’s running training would be tricky – ensuring she was injury free would be a challenge.


 With limited time, we targeted her strengths of cycling and swimming so she could execute them really well and build a big time cushion coming into the run.

 With no time to really target Bex’s weak running we worked on basic endurance so she would complete the distance.

 We managed the risk of running injury by loading up the bike training and adding split run sessions mixed with cross training.


Won her first Half IronMan!

 4th overall and won all age groups at IM Bolton, qualifying for Kona, despite having 4 weeks out due to a calf tear at the Blackpool Half Marathon.

Bex was selected for the highly prestigious Zwift Academy Triathlon Team.

Despite the addition of other sport training, Bex maintained her very strong cycling ability.

Worked hard on her swimming talents – so much so that she beat all the pro’s out of the water at IM Bolton!


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