Bike Fitting

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We are clear that in cycling and triathlon the KEY to success is power and economy on the bike. Bike fitting is critical to achieving this. It’s not just about the pure biomechanics of power development. Equally important is balancing the aerodynamic effect versus power output. This ensures the fastest possible forward motion with the least resistance and maximal power output.

With Andy’s experience both as a qualified fitter, specialising in Biomechanics & Aerodynamics, and his high level racing experience he is almost uniquely placed to deliver a fantastic result for you.  Andy has now fitted over 300 athletes, and has multiple 5* reviews on Google reviews  and  Facebook reviews

NEW Remote Video Bike Fitting

Can't get to our studio, but want to gain the advantages & insights of an aerodynamic bike fit? Then book to arrange a VIDEO fit. With a simple side video set up and some basic tools at your end we can achieve great results. CONTACT for details

Bike Fitting for ...



Triathlon is about balancing aerodynamics, power generation and economy. This ensures you are fresh for the important run. We also look specifically at your target races to make sure your set up meets your needs.


Time Trials

The goal of TTs is to maximise forward motion for less effort. The ‘enemy’ is air resistance. We work on your CDA and make adjustments to reduce it. Even a 2% decrease can save 30secs in a typical 1 hour TT!


Road, MTB, Gravel Riding & Racing

From novice bike rider to seasoned racer, Andy uses his expertise to ensure the optimal fit suited to your riding plans. Focusing on every aspect to ensure you can deliver the best possible performance

Andy's Approach to Bike Fitting

Biomechanical and Aerodynamic Goals

1. Optimise your position 
Firstly, it makes you faster for the same effort through simply ensuring the correct fit.

2. Increase your comfort and efficiency
Secondly, a well fitted bike is comfortable for long distances. This ensures you are as energy economical as possible.

3. Reduce, prevent or rule out injury
Finally, an optimum bike position avoids unnecessary strain on knees, back or shoulders.

Andy’s training and experience has meant that at Peaks we uniquely offer both biomechanical and aerodynamic bike fits. Andy has been trained by the best in the UK, to offer full IBFI recognised biomechanical fits. The result is the balance of maximal power generation with comfort and efficiency that covers all branches of cycling. Whether it’s road, triathlon, track, time trial or mountain bikes, the perfect bike fit will deliver better performance. 

In 2020 we are entering our 3rd year and Andy has now fitted over 300 people!  We are using the latest technology, and constantly upgrading the fitting experience & aligning this to Andy’s fitting expertise &  unique experience from 20+ years of high level racing in Triathlon, short & ultra distance Time trials, Road & MTB racing.

It’s more than just a ‘fit’. Its HOW to ride to maximise pace, power and performance – yes almost anyone can ‘ride a bike’ – But can you ride it optimally?  That is part of what will be addressed in the fit process, as well as discussion of optimal other kit or accessories that may help you achieve your goals.

From Novice to Professional – we cater for all

Andy also then advise on HOW to train in this position to  make it become ‘second nature’ and for you to deliver those benefits when racing.

Bike Fitting In Action

  • Discover the Bike Fitting Process
  • Listen to Chris Pritchard, former Commonwealth Games sprinter who now works for  CyclingHub.TV , on ‘why get a bike fit.’
  • Hear Andy take you through WHY it is critical to your success

Road / MTB / Cross Bike Fit


  • Physical assessment
  • Cleat set up
  • Full adjustment
  • Approx 2 hrs
  • Extra bike £75

TT / Tri Bike Fit


  • As road bike fit plus …
  • Aerodynamic setup
  • Bioracer aero software
  • Approx 2-3 hrs
  • Extra bike £75

VIDEO AERO FIT              £130

  • Biomechanical set up
  • Aero profile adjustment
  • Hints and tips
  • Discounted follow up
  • Advice on ‘real life’ CDA testing

*requires you to be able to set up a video from side / front & basic adjustment tools and ability to make the changes suggested


Our bike fit levels

We want to keep it simple and offer 3 types of fits – Road Fit ,Aero Fit & Video Aero Fit

Why the difference? Within our TT/Triathlon fit we spend detailed time analysing your frontal area via motion capture software, to determine your ‘aerodynamic silhouette’. Utilising Andy’s experience from elite racing we will look to put you in a position to balance aerodynamics and power generation. We then ‘test’ power output to ensure we optimise this position. Finally, we also offer advice on components and the best ‘wind cheating’ technology.

With our partners at Aerocoach, we can also facilitate ‘real life’ aero testing. On a velodrome we use computer analysis of air flow so we can make micro adjustments to maximise your forward motion.

With both our Road and Aero fits you get full detailed reports to take away and keep. There is also the option for a free 4 weekly follow up. Plus, we offer a discounted rate for additional bikes.


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