Athlete Q&A – Chris Loake

Our second Athlete featured is the Power house that is Chris Loake. In our ZWIFT racing team his nickname is ‘I break people’… Enough said!
We first met for real in 2018, our online team decided to enter the UCI Tour of Cambridge Road Bike TT as a team of 4. We’d rode on ZWIFT but had never met. We won. We subsequently won it again both racing for Aerocoach in 2019.
So we asked Chris ’10 Questions’
1. Tell us about your sporting background. What Sporting achievement are you most proud of?
I started out rowing as a teenager and won the national championships for my age group a couple of times, then went on to compete in the GB junior rowing team. I finished my time in boats when I started working after university, then discovered cycling in 2012 after Wiggo’s golden year. I picked up time trial racing in 2017 and immediately fell in love with the purity of it. In 2018 I went to the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships and won a silver medal in my age group’s TT race. I’m more proud of this than my rowing achievements because I did this all whilst having two children under 2 years old and a busy work life.
2. Where do you live? Do you do most of your training indoors or outdoors?
I live in the south east of England, just outside London. There’s a fair bit of traffic here, and, even when you get out in to the country roads, it’s really hard to fit intervals in. This means I do the vast majority of my training indoors, even when the weather is nice.
3. What was your race or training highlight of the season and why?
This year, I didn’t get to race much with all the COVID stuff and a house renovation project on. I did get a ride in pretty much the first race back after COVID restrictions anywhere in the country though; I won this and even got interviewed for Cycling Weekly, which was a first for me.
4. With a lot of races cancelled, what’s a typical week training wise for you? How many hours a week do you typically train?
I typically do 6-9hours a week. Mon, Tues, Wed mornings before work for 60-90mins, a race on Zwift Thursday night, a recovery ride Friday then a hard session Saturday or Sunday, whenever I can fit it in around home life.
5. How do you balance home life, work and training?
I try to train early in the morning before my family get up. This helps, but I still have to adjust stuff sometimes if I hit a busy period at work or with home life. When this happens I normally get on a call with Andy and work out the best way to move training around the other stuff I’ve got going on.
6. What’s the bike that gets the most use by you and what is the best thing about it?
I love my Canyon Speedmax that I race on, but actually I rarely ride it, as it’s saved for races and sunny days. Most of the time I ride my Evo2Max Kronos that’s setup on my Tacx Neo turbo; it’s setup the same as my Canyon and helps me get used to riding in that position whilst not being worried about damaging it with all the heavy sweating on the turbo.
7. What type of sessions do you most enjoy?
I really like the z3/4 grinding sessions where you are working hard and really testing your mental resilience.
8. What area do you think you’ve developed most whilst working with Peaks?
Put simply, more for less. I started working with Peaks when my kids arrived and I now train about 50% less than I used to, but get better results across the board.
9. What are your key targets for next year?
Not sure yet; I think I’m going to branch out into some longer events and maybe see how I do at something like the National 50. 
10. What’s the best thing about being with Peaks?
Flexibility. Andy is both flexible with the training schedule to fit it around life, but he’s also flexible and generous with his time and how you want to work.

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