Athlete Q&A – Tom Scott-Collins

In our latest getting to know our athlete’s we have 
Tom Scott-Collins.
I have known Tom around 5 years since I lived in the Midlands and Tom runs his own bike and wheels making business https://www.facebook.com/veloelitecarbon, worth a look!

Tom is a huge talent, and we are on a journey to get Tom back to his very best and the initial gains we have seen so far are great!
We asked Tom the ’10 Questions’ – here is what he had to say:
1. Tell us about your sporting background. What Sporting achievement are you most proud of?
I’m most proud of some of the race results I achieved 3-4 years ago in gaining my 1st category road licence. Top 40 in Lincoln Grand Prix 1st NCRA multi stage race.
2. Where do you live? Do you do most of your training indoors or outdoors?
I live in Northamptonshire and 99.99999% of my riding is done outside regardless of weather – I simply cannot tolerate the turbo.
3. What was your race or training highlight of the season and why?
I have no specific achievement this year other than with Andy’s help re-kindling the love for the sport and re motivating me to get back towards my best.
4. With a lot of races cancelled, what’s a typical week training wise for you?
How many hours a week do you typically train? At the minute approx. 10 hours a week with the view of building this up to between 12-15 hours.
5. How do you balance home life, work and training?
Working for myself I find making time during the day or to and from work on the bike is the best way to keep the Mrs happy …….also enjoying longer weekends rides generally early in the day.
6. What’s the bike that gets the most use by you and what is the best thing about it?
At the bike shop I own we work with Swift Carbon bikes and I have a fully custom Swift Ultravox disc- its incredible…I also have a background in mountain bike racing and love to get out on the MTB.
7. What type of sessions do you most enjoy? 
Long and hard group chain gangs are my favourite – but I know the sessions I get the most out of in terms of responding to them I’m a big fan of sweetspot sessions also 5×5 zone 5.
8. What area do you think you’ve developed most whilst working with Peaks?
Enjoyment and desire to push myself again after 3 years of setting up my own business and falling out of love of the sport.
9. What are your key targets for next year?
Numbers wise push up towards 420watts FTP again- I have a few targets but having suffered with some fairly severe performance anxiety that led to me walking away from elite level cycling I’m looking to just see what events take my fancy. Probably a mix of Mountain biking , some road racing, some road time-trials and some Grand fondos abroad.
10. What’s the best thing about being with Peaks?
Andy’s knowledge and ability to motivate, this has given me the accountability that I need to get my head down.

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