Ria Mobbs – 2021 Season Goals

In my previous blog I spoke about how to keep motivated in winter by setting goals. For each season I set 3 main goals with small steppingstone goals throughout my training and season. The steppingstone goals can be as small as getting a certain segment on Strava, to a certain ftp number and individual races placings.

The main 2021 goals are…

  1. Gain my 1st cat license
  2. PB in my 10 mile TT
  3. Finish in the main bunch nationally

I’m currently a 2nd cat in road racing which I gained 3 seasons ago so would love to move up in ranks. To get your 1st cat license you have to gain 200 points (20 local wins) from the 2nd cat 60 points (6 local wins) which is a large jump!

My current 10 mile TT PB is 23:11. I have only completed 3 x 10 mile time trials so lack experience! My 2020 season was competed on my converted road bike which was far from ideal (photo below) due to the head tube being too tall and the bike too long even with a short stem! This year I’m lucky to have a full TT set up which will help my position massively and my ability to put the power out! Also, more practice in pacing will help reach my goal instead of burning out 5 miles in!

And my final goal is to finish in the main bunch within the national road race series. Within the 2019 season I completed in a few nationals such as the Lincoln GP (that cobbled climb is mental!) but I lacked endurance so halfway through would be dropped from the main bunch. Over the winter, my training consists of a lot of base miles to improve my endurance so I can finish with the main bunch to use my powerful sprint!

Goals are all individual and can be as small as a Strava segment to becoming world class! Here are my main goals for the 2021 season – what are yours?


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