Ria Mobbs – Keeping motivated throughout winter!

In this blog I am going to give some tips for keeping motivated over the winter months!

So now that racing is coming to an end for most of us and the long winter training begins, its super important to keep motivated and training which can be a struggle with the short days. Motivation ca be hard to gain!

Here are a few ideas to help the motivation over the winter months!

  1. Goal Setting

The best performances happen when the goals set are specific and challenging. Setting challenging but achievable goals increase attention, lower negative energy and further motivation.

Having goals when training is great to break up the training before your main goals before the main season.

  • Goals should be specific
  • Goals should be difficult but attainable 
  • Feedback Must Be Provided on Goal Attainment
  • Deadlines improve the effectiveness


There are 3 types of goal setting in sport;

Process goal

These goals are the small steppingstones between each of the main goals of the season or too the season. Process goals are really just goals to train and eat and recover in the best way possible.

Performance goals

These are the goals that track your improvement in the sport. They are benchmarks for your continued ascension. This could be an FTP test or a Zwift race.

Outcome goals

These are the goals that keep you focused on the big picture. They are the result of the successful application of process and performance goals. These goals could be a specific race position in the 2021 season.

Overall, setting those individual goals will help motivation through the winter months!

  1. Indoor and outdoor training

Completing your training indoors and outdoors breaks up those winter months keeping you motivated and wanting to train!

Outdoor training benefits

  1. Fresh (bracing air!), when many of us are cooped up indoor for hours this time of year can be a nice change and also the chance for a little winter sunlight.
  2. The replication of real life conditions, road surfaces, wind, corners, traffic and the like.
  3. Massive training stimulus, the body has to work harder in the cold to not only power the legs but also maintain body heat.
  4. The chance to try something different – I am a big advocate of mountain biking in winter, its hugely beneficial to your cardiovascular system, handling skills, cadence and powers of recovery.
  5. Breath taking views!

Indoor training benefits

  1. Used properly it’s a great way to ‘control’ your winter training build and simulate the key sessions needed to simulate development.
  2. Interest! The software adds visual stimulation and challenge to make the sessions pass quicker and with more interest than the old ‘staring at the wall’ method.
  3. The ability to race others all around the world any time of day or night is a huge attraction. Andy loves a TTT!

3. Ride with others

This is a simple one! Riding with others on Zwift, zoom or outside help keep moral and motivation high! Seeing others to chat about training and more will keep training fun! Even add in a café stop!

I hope some of these tips help you stay motivated this winter!

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