Athlete Q&A – Womens Coach Ria Mobbs

Next we ask Women’s coach Ria Mobbs the 10 questions!
1. Tell us about your sporting background. What Sporting achievement are you most proud of?
I started racing from the age of 12, A background of MTB and cyclocross. There’s been a lot of good races throughout my years cycling but I would say my biggest achievement is getting selected to ride for the central region 5 times, Its always great representing your region and racing the best in the others.
2. Where do you live? Do you do most of your training indoors or outdoors?
I recently moved to Yorkshire so spend most of my time training outdoors exploring new roads. Its much hiller here in Yorkshire but the views are always great from the top so that’s a bonus!
3. What was your race or training highlight of the season and why?
Coventry 10 mile TT would be my highlight of the season because I only started time trials this year due to covid, but this race is where I learnt the most and got my current PB.
4. With a lot of races cancelled, what’s a typical week training wise for you? How many hours a week do you typically train?
Throughout the race season I only did 8-10 hours of training each week which included very short but intense sessions focusing on 10mile TT efforts. Now that racing is over I complete anywhere from 10-15 hours of training depending on what the focus is that week. A lot of my winter training is miles to build the endurance and base back up.
5. How do you balance home life, work and training?
I currently have a lot of time to train. In a normal day I will complete my coaching work and do my training in between as a break from the computer. However, when university starts in January, I will have to plan my day better to fit everything in. I like to use planners so I can plan every hour out of my day so I can do everything I want or need to! And of course, make sure I spend time with family and my dogs which is just as important!
6. What’s the bike that gets the most use by you and what is the best thing about it?
My most used bike is definitely my Look Road bike! With it being so light it makes hills a lot more enjoyable than trailing up on the heavy winter bike. Electronic gears also make it smoother and enjoyable when I’m climbing in Yorkshire, until I forget to charge the battery!
7. What type of sessions do you most enjoy?
I prefer short and punchy efforts in sessions. Seeing 1000w and above always puts a smile on my face, however, I’m slowly learning to enjoy longer efforts as I see improvements.
8. What area do you think you’ve developed most whilst working with Peaks?
When I started with Peaks, I has great top end numbers but n endurance or repeatability. Throughout the 2020 season it was great to see those improve so I’m looking forward to a good winters training with peaks to make sure those areas are the best they can be for the 2021 season.
9. What are your key targets for next year?
Next year it would be great to do some bunch races again as we couldn’t this year unfortunately. I look forward to targeting national series races and getting the best result I can throughout the series. I am also aiming to bring my 10 mile and 25mile TT times down.
10. What’s the best thing about being with Peaks?
The best thing about Peaks is the involvement and encouragement from the coaches, Peaks have also given me an opportunity to progress within the sport as a coach as well as a rider!
If you have a bad session or race, they will always help you work out why and help the best way possible to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
The Zwift and zoom sessions are also great because cycling can be a lonely sport, so it brings everyone together.

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