An honest 2020 season review and the effects of Covid on racing and training.

What a year to say the least! The ups and down of what covid has changed is crazy for every athlete not just myself.

My season was fairly short overall but there were highlights and lowlights!

My season started in February. The first race of the season is always the hardest by far, but we go in with huge expectations that our training through winter has paid off! For me this wasn’t the case, I lasted 10 minutes. However, with it being so early in the season I promised myself that I would turn it around in the next month, if that was even possible but we only want to win!

Then covid happened, where the world of cycling stopped! For me this wasn’t the worst thing to happen cycling wise as it gave me extra time to get back! But how we would race is the question for everyone!

I carried on racing through Zwift, Great platform to keep us all entertained racing or training. I did a mixture of British cycling road races and crits! Even a few wins which was great motivation for the season.

Luckily for some, Time-Trials could still run with social distance measures. For me, this was the worst thing in history as I was addiment I hated Time-Trials (Spoiler: I’m a fan!) But I had an itch to scratch so I entered a TT!

The first TT I entered was the Chronos TT near Cambridge. Going in with no expectations, I clocked a time of 25:00 which was a 4min PB for a very non-aero women on a road bike. That moment I jumped in the deep end and decided I would try and qualify for nationals!

As a student I couldn’t just go out and buy a TT bike but with the help of Andy at Peaks we converted my road bike, put a disc and deep section front in and I was set for the rest of the season! Then after I completed 2 more TTs with PBs in both before national 10 near Newbury!

National 10 was definitely an experience, a fish out of water to say the least but we all start somewhere. I completed course practice, but my gear cable ceased which was an unfortunate start, a rush to Newbury and the panic was over or so I thought …  Trying practice again I punctured my tub! Walking a few miles in cleats is never fun as most of us have done that one! Luckily, a new tub and some glue I was finally set! Race days comes around and its go time! 10 intense miles on a tough course is hard but never lasts long. Unfortunately, the race was far off what I wanted, I could say many excuses but there’s always another race, I’m only 22!

The short season was over for me then, I headed to Scotland for 2 weeks of amazing weather, stunning rides and even some relaxation! Enjoying the ride is just as important as set sessions.

Overall, the season with covid disturbance wasn’t ideal or my best but at the end of the day we are all human, we can’t always be at peak performance and there’s always struggles along the way but consistent training and hard work gives us the best chance at least!

Covid has affected every single athlete differently! Some have thrived and some of us have become unmotivated with no racing! There’s no right or wrong way but the main thing is focusing on what it will be like soon enough! Racing 4 times a week if we like!

Now we start winter training for hopefully an amazing season for all of us! Check out my 2021 Peaks race machine below!

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