Athlete Q&A – JL Perez

In the next of our rider Q&As we have French Ultra rider JL Perez.
I met JL and his good friend, and now mine Evens Stievenart in Borrego Springs 4 years go now when they were racing the 24hrs and myself on my way to winning my first title over there, the 6hrs.
The two went on to achieve many individual and joint achievements, including, in 2019, setting the team of two record for RAAM.
This Year JL won and set a new record in the epic Race Across France, read about it here https://www.leparisien.fr/…/cyclisme-une-traversee
So I asked JL the 10 questions, these are his answers!
1. Tell us about your sporting background. What Sporting achievement are you most proud of?
The last 2 years were very good years for me with RAAM 2019 (2 riders cat) record and RAF 2020 solo record.
2. Where do you live? Do you do most of your training indoors or outdoors?
I live in Paris downtown and I only train outdoors. (*ed, JL has parents in Biaritiz South of France and has done many epic training rides on iconic Pyrennean roads).
3. What was your race or training highlight of the season and why?
My training highlights was after the lockdown period in June. I felt so much energy in myself and so much freshness. There was this unlimited willpower in my head. I felt very good and very confident.
4. With a lot of races cancelled, what’s a typical week training wise for you? How many hours a week do you typically train?
In a normal week I was training about 15h. During the lockdown I was doing about 10h.
5. How do you balance home life, work and training?
During winter I am much more focus on family life and work. I like to forget my bike for a couple months, then I start riding for recreation time and to feel good. After new year I always like to start a training program.
6. What’s the bike that gets the most use by you and what is the best thing about it?
This year I used the most my Pinarello F10. I feel very good on it and it is a bike I can climb, ride fast, sprint.
7. What type of sessions do you most enjoy?
Tabata…a good nightmare J.
8. What area do you think you’ve developed most whilst working with Peaks?
I have increased my key endurance zone 2 which is critical for the type of races I ride.
9. What are your key targets for next year?
Don’t know yet (* But no doubt it will be a monster!).
10. What’s the best thing about being with Peaks?
I feel structure in my training but also in my life. With Peaks I feel stronger on my bike and also in my work.

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