Ria Mobbs – My cycling journey

So, if you are new here, my name is Ria Mobbs and I’m a 22 years old cyclist and assistant coach at Peaks, specialising in coaching women cyclists.


I’ll keep this introduction blog short, but I live in Yorkshire, so I spend the majority of my time going uphill! I’ve recently graduated with a degree in sport science and now moving on to a masters in sports management and marketing and will become a coach in the women’s cycling field. 

I have done nearly every discipline there is in cycling from getting muddy in cyclocross and mountain bike XC to making myself dizzy on the track to now road racing and time trials.  I’m a bit of an all rounder!

What’s the main thing I want to get out of this blog you may ask? I want to help everyone with some new or interesting tips and tricks to help you all out and log the journey of a 22 year old trying to find her feet in the cycling world!! There will be a bit of everything in this blog, something for everyone from Training, Nutrition and being a women cyclist in a male dominant sport, which can be crazy at times, to kit & equipment.

My cycling goals for 2021 are

  1. To become a 1st cat road racer
  2. Target performing well in the national series
  3. Update my TT PB’s for 10 & 25m

I plan to cover, over the coming weeks in this blog the following topics:

  1. The 2020 season and the effects of Covid on racing and training.
  2. Goal setting for 2021
  3. Winter Training, keeping motivated!
  4. Zwift Racing
  5. Rest & recovery – why its so important!
  6. Nutrition – day to day eating and weight management
  7. Kit & equipment
  8. Women’s issues in cycling
  9. Interviews with female cyclist
  10. Balancing life & cycling


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