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Why should I have a bike fit?

https://youtu.be/v2DNmCHhPAA   So this last few weeks at peaks HQ we have been carrying out a number of bike fits.  Focusing on fixing poor positions, optimising for performance and increasing comfort.  What is most satisfying for me is SEEING the results, visually in the 'look' and then after HEARING how much better someone is riding… Continue reading Why should I have a bike fit?

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Training in the Cold

Today's session set by Coach Andy (myself!)  was 3 x 20min Sweet spot climb efforts. After the last 2 days on Zwift I knew I had to get out and do some training in the cold.  Rewind two weeks and I was riding in shirt sleeves in temperatures of 20-25 degrees Celsius (about 70 Fahrenheit). … Continue reading Training in the Cold