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Improving your running this winter

So you may have identified that in the triathlon event your run is one of your limiters.  I know it was for me.  I would do a decent swim, come off the bike usually in the pro field then spend a dis-spiriting 3-4 hrs moving always backwards in the run!

I the featured image I was in 25th place off the bike, to finish 67th overall.  It sort of says it all!  In hindsight if I’d focused more on my run technique and less on ‘miles is better’ training I would have been a better runner for sure, and a 3.40 marathon may have been turned into a 3.15 which would have down wonders for my chances of a return to Kona (which hasn’t happened … yet!)

I have been doing some collaboration work with and discovered this great article with some really useful insights into improving your run.

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