Bike upgrades – what's the best choice for 'freespeed'?
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Kit upgrades – what’s the best choice for ‘freespeed’? Its the end of May, many of us have been racing a month or two now and will be analysing how we are going so far.  Are we meeting our potential in both training output (i.e.: race power / speed / HR etc) AND our potential V our competition. Lets be honest the positions… Continue reading Kit upgrades – what’s the best choice for ‘freespeed’?

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Rest & recovery for cyclists & triathletes End of season – Rest & recovery You have no doubt been training hard, racing and being ‘on it’ since January or maybe even earlier. You're even probably thinking ahead to next year. But stop. Rest & recovery from training and racing is so important for cyclists and triathletes. Now is the 'off season',… Continue reading Rest & recovery for cyclists & triathletes

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Cyclo-cross training   How to prepare and train for cyclo-cross So finally the amazing summer has passed! We are into autumn... This time of year you get 3 sorts of cyclist. Which one are you? Those winding the season down, thinking about a winter break and looking towards next year. Those rather crazy beasts targeting the hill… Continue reading Cyclo-cross training