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IronMan Kona here she comes!

WOW- what a result!  Our very own Bex Rimmington has qualified for the IronMan world championships at Kona.


Bex went to race Ironman Bolton, this had been our key race and the whole year had been shaped around it.

Bex joined us already with a stellar CV of high level women’s road racing (cycling), so when she messaged we were really excited about the chance to work with her.  She has a history of competitive swimming as well – a great foundation!

But transition to IM is far from straight forward.  We sat down back in January to shape the year.  Analysisng Bex’s numbers, training and approach it was clear she would be a competitor.  We even built her Training Peaks Annual Training plan and called it #ProjectK !  Its important to have goals that are SMART.  This may have seen a very challenging goal, but we knew it was possible – with the right approach.

We started a long and steady build, working on volume and skills.  Bex’s attitude and commitment to training is legendary (to me anyway!)  the way she manage dto cram into such a busy life the amount she does is an example to anyone who says ‘I haven’t got time’.  Not only does she hold down a full time job, have Morris the cat, and more importantly Simon (her elite racing partner) to no doubt look after, she also holds and runs cycle coaching for kids.  The challenge for us when analysing her Training Peaks diary was – where does the training fit?!

Quite early on it was clear we had a real opportunity to hit our goals.  We discussed a ‘low key’ approach, some back water lead up events and not make too much ‘noise’ to keep the pressure off. Well this didn’t quite work,  Bex entered her first half Ironman and promptly won it by a healthy margin!  Not only this she then gets selected for the ZWIFT Triathlon academy – now that’s high profile!

What have we learnt?  For me the lessons are clear,  A great endurance base is of course an advantage, but Bex is great example of so many more things:

  1. Laser focused determination – she wanted this like nothing else and did EVERYTHING to make sure she had the best chance to achieve it.
  2. She did not leave one stone un-turned, be it race day prep, swim training & coaching (Despite swimming times most of us would just die to be able to!)
  3. Organisation – to cram the amount in she did shows awesome organisational skills
  4. Positive attitude – of course there were set back, most notably a serious run injury just 12 weeks out that took he rout of running for almost a month.  But a pragmatic and balanced approach to this, the best rehab meant she was back in no time.
  5. DESIRE – is the only way to sum it up, how many people have we met who say ‘I’d so love to do XXX, but I havent the time or money or , or or…’ Nothey havent the real DESIRE to strive for an achieve their dreams as Bex did.

Its been a fantastic journey and now we build to Kona!  watch this space



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