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Easter Training Camp?

Believe it or not we are now in British Summer time after the clocks changed on the weekend… Doesn’t feel like it does it?!   The forecast is pointing to snow for Easter weekend.  Great!  I have given up my planned (and well needed!) training break to Tenerife over Easter due to being so busy!

The question for us all is how do we maximise the us of 4 clear days and get the best boost to fitness we can in that time?

Firstly its important to lay out your family and other commitments that you have over the period,  get these down, diarised and agreed – Its important you balance the importance of seeing everyone you need to!

You may well, after all this, find that you have a fair amount of extra training time.  How you use this very much depends on your plans,  A lot of my cyclists & triathletes, and myself included have busy race schedules coming up so its important we are really cognisant of this.  the temptation to bang a load of volume in as you have ‘free time’ can be irresistible… Believe me I have done it many times, I recall riding on Good Friday 70mile to race in a ’10TT’ and then home… Following it by another long day on Saturday and racing again on Monday.  Needless to say i was crap!

The annual plan you have set yourself or with your coach should have factored in this training time,  don’t be tempted to just add loads extra, volume or sessions in if it doesn’t fit with that plan.  But, managed well this can be  great mini ‘training camp’.  With athletes who are a few weeks out from race season we are looking at relatively big days on Friday and Monday, with some recovery / intensity between that allows time to see the family and ensure they meet all their other commitments.

below is my own ‘plan’ over the weekend to allow me to make the most of the time, but also to balance recovery and seeing my Mum on her Birthday!

Chart AJ TP

Watching the never ending upwards trajectory of your ‘fitness’ line is like a drug!  Be careful, balance it well and use the tools at hand either of your own or with your coach to maximise time, recovery and your improvement.


Happy Easter 🙂



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