Why I love what I do!

Feedback, in all walks of life is what makes us better, helps us validate what we do and reappraise.  Be it in Sport via my cyclists or triathletes, my own training or in the business world its a key tool.  It needs to be handled in the right way and acted upon.  But when we do the learning’s and developments are really worth the work!

I am really focusing on client 2 way feedback to ensure we see the adaptations and gains we want form the work we are putting in.  For me a key part of that is being ‘available’  I see many ‘personal coaching’ services charging BIG bucks, yet limiting client contact to X emails a week, or 1 call a month.  I pride myself on being available, I know the benefit of being able to bounce a question off someone , when i need the answer, not 2 weeks on Thursday when i am ‘allowed to send an email’!  It may not, for me, be the most time efficient way of working, but its critical to my clients and I want and need them to succeed!  Alongside all of that though, life is very varied at the moment here at Peaks HQ, but as they say ‘variety’ is the spice of life!

I am splitting my time between Evo2Max (www.evo2max.com), My Peaks Clients across VIEWPOINT and Bike Fitting  and some Business Consulting. Within EVo2Max  we are seeing some fabulous bikes going out the doors to customers such as the below Beauties !

I am also spending a couple of days a week consulting within the Dairy industry, which is great fun!  I love yoghurt & icecream!!  So my days go from walking around a west country dairy in the morning, to building Evo2Max bikes by tea time and reviewing clients training files by night – Its great!

The thing that really makes what I do worthwhile is seeing the progress clients make, or seeing happy customers posting about their great bikes!

I have been spending much of the week on SKYPE calls with clients discussing last month, discussing progress within their cycling & triathlon training and importantly the build up to races.  I now have a number of clients with whom we have implemented the learning’s taken from www.DNAFit.com analysis and are staring to see the benefits in training adaptation, diet and weight as well as recovery.

What is really great about working in such a way is being able to track and see the benefits and step on’s we have seen.

I was discussing at length yesterday with a Stateside client who has been with me for a couple of months.  The ambitions are ultra long distance races from 200m to 24hrs.  We have identified key races through the season, the first of which is in 2 weeks.  The challenge we had is the relatively limited time to train, around 8 hrs a week.  This has meant us taking a slightly different approach to achieve the desired results.  Its paying off!  On Saturday we scheduled a LONG ride >6hrs to see the fruits of our labour – And it didn’t disappoint.  Over a route to mimic the challenges of the race our client was able to put out some phenomenal sustained powers, better than any previous time in his career – all off just 8 hrs a week training.

We are looking forward to the upcoming Solvang Double century to see how it goes!

COK long

With one of my Time Trial focused athletes we were discussing the below session, somewhat of a ‘favourite’ for working on top end power.  We reviewed 3 sessions in the last 3 months and saw in every one improvements in the 15 sec / 1 minute and 5 minute numbers.  that is what I call visible progress!

rod lactate sess

With another its great to see new PEAKS being hit, off the back of already stunning numbers anyway – and on the back of a mentally and physically tough few weeks.  I wish I could sprint anywhere near that!

JR peak power


So variety is the spice of life, Feedback is the catalyst to help us improve and is so central to success!




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