How to train in winter if you're a cyclist
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Its that time of year we all crave some sun!  Many of us have been training for days, weeks and months indoors.  I had a client yesterday who has not yet ventured outside riding yet this year and I don’t blame her… the snow forecast where I live is depressing this next few days!


So many of us over the next 3 to 4 weeks will be heading off for some much needed winter sun in Majorca, The Canaries or other far flung destination.

A camp can deliver so much benefit,  Look at this,  This is the CTL (fitness level increase) ‘bump’ we got with a dedicated and focused triathlete from a  recent quality week of work in Majorca.

CTL header ad Bex

Simply we increased fitness by almost 20% on a simple movement in CTL.  The nuance is the how and the way, and the monitoring.

This build was stretching, and was agreed with a high performance elite athlete.  We had worked to get them well rested before (we can see that in that the Yellow / red ‘peak’ just before they went, this proved we were in the right place,  then over the course of a week we loaded specific Swim / Bike / Run workouts to deliver increasing Training Stress (TSS in Training Peaks) and build fitness.

The key to this approach is daily monitoring,

How did the athlete respond to that session?

Was the power as expected?

How was swimming speed?

Was the heart rate where we want it to be?

What were their comments like?  what is the ‘tone’?  Are they tired, fed up, or motivated?

Using all this we adjusted daily, we added a day off when the athlete was clearly exhausted, being flexible is critical.

The message here is Training Camps are great – BUT plan them, Plan what you want form them, how you will use it.  Plan how tired (or not!) you will go into it.  Be fresh – you have some serious work coming up!  You can take so much more ‘load’ when the usual life stresses of home are not there,  if you can truly commit to ‘train, eat, sleep, eat, train, eat , sleep repeat…’ then you will achieve loads

Eat well – fuelling, refuelling and recovery are critical

Plan your kit and nutrition, switch off your social media while you are there – yes I dare you! , and immerse yourself!

Overall enjoy it, Make the most of the sun and come back ready to give the race season the best you have!


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