Transitioning to race season

For our cyclist and triathletes mid February is the time we start to think about that transition from the winter training to seasonal racing.  Its the time for planning the build up to the key events, starting some early season test event, be they sportives, Park runs or half marathons or the early season Time Trial test


Its an exciting time!  Putting into practice the hard winter miles, trying out the new kit and positions and starting to dream about what is truly possible.

Its also a dangerous time!  Its so easy to go into those first races with such optimism and unbounded confidence, a product of the solid winter training and the exciting plans you have.  But be sure to manage your expectations – You haven’t raced for maybe anywhere between 3 and 6 months, despite the training there is nothing like race day nerves to remind you what you have let yourself in for!  Your body needs to be reminded what a race day effort is like, these events need to be seen as ‘training’ for the key races coming up.  You won’t be planning to ‘peak’ for the February local 6mile run or Club TT, so dont be down if you are tired, the numbers aren’t quite what you expect or hope.  Its all part of the building and learning process.

See these events as training in themselves – training to race – racing to race when it REALLY matters.  I have seen so many, myself included,  come away disenchanted after a few early season races when things haven’t quite gone to plan.  The key is remembering that them not going to plan is actually great!  This in itself is great training – you wont make those mistakes when it matters.  That is the essence of these races and why they are important.

They are a great time to practice race day fuelling, pre and post race eating.

View them as a key part of your training calendar,  but after all remember its FUN!  Enjoy it, catch up with mates you havent seen for a while, enjoy the banter and get ready for those glorious summer days that are just around the corner!

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