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I love seeing athletes progress!

I have been working 1-2-1 with the below athlete for just over a month now.  We’ve known each other and crossed paths at races for years, he has a phenomenal endurance engine, having completed LEJOG in just over 2 days and amazing mental strength.

We got chatting over Christmas as he felt his current supposed 1-2-1 training was just not cutting it.  It seemed ‘cut and paste’,  with little real feedback or athlete updates on the plan, progress and where he was going.  There was no use of detailed analytical tools to support, aid decision making and ‘show’ progress.

I spent some quality time early on analysing his past plan, his current fitness level and then shaping the season toward key goal race events.


The results so far are really encouraging.  It’s a pleasure to daily review and see a sea of ‘green’ completed workouts.  I review the session metrics, but for me the most important part is the commentary. It tells me so much about the athletes state of mind.

No comment – This very much depends on the athlete, some rarely comment and we discuss weekly or via calls. But if a usually ‘talkative’ athlete fails to comment then it’s time to understand why.

Humour!  Is great! The athlete is feeling good, on top of their game and loving the progress.

Then there are the more descriptive and longer messages… ‘feeling really tired, struggled to make the numbers in the first 2 intervals, but smashed it in the last 2!’.  In here and the like it’s the subtle and subliminal messages where it’s important to read between the lines, is the athlete just tired?  What is happening outside sport that may be affecting their training?  Are they rested enough or eating well?

I will immediately review the quality and quantity of previous work and then ask pointed questions to understand where we need to change or not.

This interaction & flexibility is the true value personal coaching and should bring meaningful results and progression.

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