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Why is a Bikefit important for Cyclist, Triathletes and Duathletes?

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These days you can spend the price of a small car, or a small house in certain parts of the country on a bike!  Choices are endless and it can leave you with a dazzling array of decisions .  But once that choice is made how many of us just go to the shop or have the bike delivered and just pop the saddle up to ‘where it looks about right’ and get out and ride?   yes loads!

Let me ask you a different question.  If you were to get a bespoke suit from a London Saville Row tailor, would you order over the internet of ‘about a 16 inch collar’,  I was a 32 inch waist at school so that will do?  Not a chance!  So why do it on a bike?

A bike fit will ensure you are in the optimal position for power generation, comfort and where relevant aero dynamics.  It will ensure that you are able to protect against any injuries caused by over stretching or compression of muscles.  A good bike fit will review your posture, understand where in your body their may be weaknesses or imbalances and then look how these ‘work’ on the bike and work to ensure that any issues are not exaggerated or ignored.  This may mean shims under your cleats to correct slight leg length differences, or insoles to ensure the foot naturally has full contact with the pedal at the point of optimal power transfer.  It should also help you identify the best shoes for you based on your foot shape and weight distribution.

I was keen to ensure I learnt the theory and practical from the best and invested in a multi day in depth fitting course with John Dennis at Physiohaus in Newcastle.  The course was excellent both theoretically and practical with us carrying out multiple Road & Tri / TT fits through the course of the week.

Learning the art of measuring angles correctly, using video capture software and how to correctly analyse and implement change was a central part of it.

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So with all this in mind we are now as Fully trained to IBFI (International Bike Fitting Institute standards) IBFI we are ready to go!

On returning to Peaks HQ, i set about installing the relevant key elements , namely a ‘turntable’ to allow 360 degree viewing of the cyclist for accurate video analysis27971592_1714519405277161_7510709813022316593_n27752194_1714519351943833_8013748006620270057_n27751728_1714519378610497_5422621790024873361_n

We’ve now conducted a few fits with Clients and Customers of Evo2Max Bikes and seen some really great results.  ON Sunday we conducted a TT fit with a VIEWPOINT client, see details here  VIEWPOINT overview and the results are literally visible.  Have a look at ‘pre and post’ fit pics side by side.  I can’t wait to see Colin racing this year – and I may well avoid him seeing as I coach him I know all his numbers too!

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Drop me a line or visit the site and let’s work together to achieve the best results for you.



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