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What month of focused training can do


I started work with a fantastic endurance athlete over Christmas, who I know would agree with me when we say he’d lost his way.  He has an awesome back ground in ultra endurance and had some keen plans for this year, But had lost not only some motivation but some direction in training.

With any new client we spend quality time reviewing some key metrics,  I am a huge fan and advocate of Training Peaks and see it as an integral pert of us building a successful plan.

Understanding from the athlete the years key focus and targets is central (obviously!) to working on the overall macro plan (ATP – Annual training plan) , and then limiters, or areas of development towards the plan and within the existing base data.

Below are two such examples.

Peak Power – this was great in the short duration zones, but needed work on longer duration towards our goals

Power profile Jan 17

Time in Zones – the athlete was not training SMART, way too much ‘easy riding in Z1’ – it has its place , but for time limited athletes every hour needs to be utilised in the best way to the goals.
time in zones Jan17

What is GREAT to see as today I review one month in,  the relative movements in all metrics we have made in such a short time:

CTL – is on a nice steady, managed build and has risen from 34-56 -or 65%!

we are monitoring tiredness daily via metrics and daily communication via the TP comments app


Then seeing how we are moving the dial on both time in zones and the power curve really proves that the attention to detail we are giving planning, reviewing and discussing & the athlete is doing in their hard works is, and will pay dividends

feb review 1

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