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There are so many parts to successfully completing your goal race, or winning that title you’re aiming at, be that in cycling or triathlon. Let’s not kid ourselves, its an ‘arms race’ out there. You need to understand and have access to the kit that will give you the best competitive advantage and make your race the best it can be.

That’s why I have worked hard to team up with a hand-picked group of companies to be able to offer our clients the best deals on the kit they need to achieve their goals. 

Discounts range from 15-30% and could save clients £100’s or even £1000’s

Race and training nutrition  

OTE specialise in 100% natural sports-related energy products ideally suited for cycling and triathlon.  I have exclusively used their products for years in all racing from short 10 mile time trials to 24hr ultramarathon events and can testify to the quality, taste and performance of their products.


Evo2Max specialise in performance, bespoke bikes for cyclists, triathletes and time triallists, catering for all budgets. But what sets them apart is the ability to customise EVERY element of your build; colour, size, groupset, finishing kit – they can design THE bespoke bike for you. Race proven and highly rated by the UK cycling press.

Aerodynamic specialists

Air resistance is the ENEMY of all cyclists and triathletes. Aerocoach are the industry leaders in wind cheating components to make you slip through the air, boasting a race winning pedigree second to none. Pound for pound they offer superb value for money when it comes to saving watts and race times.


All but the most tropical of Triathlons require a wetsuit, Blue Seventy design and craft some of the best most technical race proven training and racing suits, to give triathlete’s a competitive advantage.

Ceramic bearings and components 

Ceramicspeed design and manufacture high-end precision bike components that reduce drive chain and wheel friction by using the highest quality bearings and lubricants. In total, their products can save up to 12 watts – that’s worth over 30 seconds in an hour-long bike leg or time trial.


The correct saddle for your event will not only be comfortable but will enable you to get the most power down through the pedals and maximise your progress.  I’ve found ISM saddles help me achieve the perfect balance of comfort and power transfer.

Race and training energy

In long distance racing in the heat, ensuring you maintain the salt and electrolyte balance is absolutely key. I used FEKD for my 12hr win in the Californian desert as it maintained my salt balance and enabled me to keep on pushing.

Power Meters 

Accurately measuring your cycling power is key to getting the most out of training and race pacing. STAGES offer affordable, interchangeable power meters that can be used easily across your race and training bikes.

Cycle clothing

I chose Santic to produce our exclusive to clients ‘Peaks kit’.  The balance of great quality, a massive range of cycling, triathlon and running apparel and reasonable prices meant it was a no-brainer.

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