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Tangible gains – Improving the ‘holy grail’ TT PB’s!


We started working with Rod at the start of the 2017 season.  We’ve seen some great success

11% improvement in FTP

2min + improvement in 10m TT PB’s – over 10%!

6min improvement in 25m TT PB’s – over 10%!

Lets hear about Rod’s experience:

Rod Mason – Peaks Sports Consultancy

Andy and I go back almost 20 years, we met Mountain bike riding and racing in the late 1990’s and competed together in a team and individually in endurance (6 & 24hr) Mountain bike races.

I have always been a keen cyclist and mountain biker. Being a busy father with 3 young girls and a busy full time job I was commuting to work and started to use this more for training. I also decided I’d take up a bit of Time Trialling and see how I could do.

I reconnected with Andy after seeing his time trial success and pedigree through racing in the UK. We discussed how he could help me become a better TIme Triallist, but within my constraints of time, commuting and still wanting to ride my mountain bike! we begun with a plan to build my core time trial attributes, working on my FTP and holding sustainable power in the TT position.

Andy built me a plan that fits around my life style, enabling me, in the summer months, to complete sessions on my commute and other commitments. We discuss key races to enter, both courses and where the ‘fast ones’ are, but also How to ride them what approach to take to get the best times,  where the courses need more or less power – the key to a good time trial is not necessarily ‘even’ power, its about riding the course in the ‘right’ way.  From Andy’s experience he can help me with this.   Initially our plan for me was to target improving my PB’s. in the 2017 season .   With Andy’s help and guidance I managed an 11% improvement in FTP last season. PBs are now 20:30 for 10miles, an improvement of 2 and a half minutes!!   In 25’s I managed to get to a PB of  and 53:55 an improvement of over 2 minutes.   My biggest improvement has come on like for like  was on local 25s, on the heavy courses in Cheshire,  I was riding 61min ‘25’s… these are down to consistent 55mins,  a full 10% improvement and 6 minutes which is huge!

Andy helped me improve my on bike aero dynamics with advice on kit, riding position and helmets which all add to the total package of making me faster. This season I plan to follow up with a bike fit with Andy to further hone these areas I also know that as a client i have access to the full range of VIEWPOINT aspects if i decide later I want some dietary help or to look at how i can improve my training and diet via DNAFit. This season I have goals of improving all my PB’s and am confident with the help and support of Peaks I can achieve this.


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