Athletes update, Training Plans

Building towards the Seasons goals. Analysis, review and flexibility are key.

For one of our clients at Peaks this season is all about a key Road Race series.  Our winter lead in training has been to work on all aspects required for success in these races.

Its much more than just working on ‘fitness’ and CTL.  We are looking specifically at the requirements of the specific races to ensure the fitness we build .

Of course we are building base CTL in a structured and managed manner, the below shows where have come from and the trajectory we have planned. Its a hard build and we are monitoring closely session by session, fatigue, sleep, weight and mood metrics so we manage to get where we need to with the athlete physically and mentally healthy


What we are doing is reviewing what it will take to succeed in these races,  what the race course profile is, reviewing past races STRAVA files (a goldmine for research!)  To see where the attack points are, what numbers are being generated at those points.  Alongside ‘real life’ course recce’ing, what will the wind be like on this corner?  where are the pot holes / road furniture or other things to watch out for?

Once we have that and compared to the informational graph that TP provides below, its clear , 1 minute power needs to be a focus.  the athlete needs to be able to match accelerations and stay in contention with the main group, to be able to police breakaways with high explosive efforts.

JR Power VJR power prof

We are confident in the sprint ability based on specific sessions we have been doing aimed at building sprint power, and shown by this display below at the end of a recent ZWIFT race.

JR sprintJR race

Constant review, adaptation, research and understanding of areas of development are going to be the key to success.  Role on the season!

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