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Jon Roden – Peaks Cycling Client writes about his experiences with Peaks

JR in kit

Jon Roden – Ready for another training session in his Peaks training Kit.

Jon joined Peaks right at the start,  He got to know me through our mutual membership of INC Zwift cycle  racing team and contacted me back in late October to discuss how we could work together towards his goals for 2018.  I was keen to support Jon for his worthy cause and to help him get the best from his time.  Jon is clearly dedicated and focused,  what was key was for us to put some structure and a long term plan behind the agreed SMART goals.

Lets hear from Jon;,
I had been training hard both in the real world and on Zwift and started to look at my plans for 2018 and decided i needed help if i was to achieve my goals.

I am running a massive charity ride ‘Ride for Tommy’ in April 2018 in honour of our son who was born prematurely and died from Sepsis in 2017. This is a huge motivator for me to be in the best shape I can be to be able to complete the ride and honour his memory. see for details

Also in 2018 I have decided to target some key races within the Army cycling circuit, as a full time Soldier the army is a massive cycling supporter and has produced some great champions such as former CTT ‘Best all rounder Capt Ryan Perry in 2016’.  As a soldier I know I have massive mental resilience, However the loss of our son is my main driver and it helps with the grieving process. To empty myself to andys sessions.

I know Andy Jackson (founder and owner of Peaks from riding and racing together in the ZWIFT racing team Innovation Cycling. I approached Andy to help build a training and lifestyle program to help me achieve my goals. My training lacked structure and lacked some shape which i knew i needed if i was to do what i wanted in 2018

After the initial consultation and discussion with Andy about my goals and aspirations
I opted for a VIEWPOINT package, that incorporates everything I need to deliver my goals:
Andy has formulated for me a detailed annual (macro season) plan that will built to target my key events. This includes an annual training plan & full race planning for my season.

On a 2 weekly cycle Andy uploads the next set of training, base don my feedback and how I have done on the previous block into my TP account. These sessions are then downloaded into ZWIFT or onto my Garmin to ensure i hit them bang on.

Andy is always available via the messaging app within Training Peaks and feedback on sessions and we can discuss what went well, what may need some help with and how generally I am feeling. There is also a program of Strength and conditioning to supplement my cycling training.

As a VIEWPOINT Client i have access to a full suite of recipes to enable me to tailor my diet to ensure it is supporting my training.

We also have scheduled a bike fit where I want to ensure that I can get the best fit to generate the power needed, but also work on my road aerodynamics, that may just give me an edge in key races!

Andy is always available for advice on Kit & key riding hardware, from power meters to Bikes and wheels – and as he also is an owner of I know i can access so great savings on a new bike

What i also find a great help is that Andy is there to give me advice or a ‘pep’ talk when things dont go so well, maybe I am tired or had a heavy day with work – this is a great help to me to ensure I keep an eye on the season goals.

I know that for to succeed this year its about so much more than just ‘training sessions’ and the support I get form Andy @ Peaks will help me achieve my goals in 2018

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