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Peaks & INC Innovation Running ZWIFT training sessions

Its been an exciting week here at Peaks HQ.   Not only have we finished the website – Have a look round Peaks Sports Consultancy website ,  we have, this week run our first set of Group workouts on the ZWIFT training platform.

So what is ZWIFT and what is a group workout?  Zwift is a great indoor training aid for those horrible wet and cold days when its either unsafe, too dark or you just don’t want to go out!  Link up your ‘smart’ turbo trainer to the app and ride with / race people form all over the world!    I got into it a couple of years ago and find it a great way to help training.

It can be pretty addictive, there are races and rides almost every few minutes and working out how to use it to support your training is key.   I have been racing and training for a few months with the INNOVATION Zwift team,  There are some hugely strong guys on there and we have some great training sessions.  in ‘traditional’ ride mode mixed ability group sessions are hard.  the stronger riders can pull away splitting groups, or the weaker rider who cannot hold the same pace end up just drafting to hold on and not get a quality workout.

ZWIFT workout mode is a great way to ‘even the playing field’.  Simply put each riders ow FTP (functional threshold power, or 1 hour power) is used to dictate the intensity of their individual workout.  SO if the rider has an FTP of 400w and we are doing Z3 intervals, about 80% FTP, he will be around 320w in his workout.  ANother riders FTP may be 250w.. he will be in Z3 at 200w.  The software ‘holds’ the group by slowing the riders to the slowest riders pace.  Thus everyone stays together.  But more importantly everyone gets an even quality workout.

So today at 5.40am we ran ‘Lactate Intervals’


All riders had to do was select the ride (above) in the ‘events’ tab on their app.

So at the ungodly hour of 5.40am about 20 of us set off.  Now usual INC rides start with about 20secs warm up into insane intervals – well those who know me know I value (and personally need!) a good warm up. … so 13mins of low Z2 was greeted with comments of ‘This is easy’, ‘I can do this all day’… They weren’t saying that later on!

The session saw us move through 8 x 15sec efforts at 150% FTP with short recovery, then 6 x 1min intervals at 125% FTP with just 2mins between, then finsihing with 3 x 4min at 103% FTP.  The sessions is attritional,  each segment on their own is easy.. But cumulatively in a little over an hour you have over 20min averaging about 110% FTP.  This is a quality workout.

By mid way through the 1min intervals the jokes had stopped.  Well in fact all comments stopped (!)  everyone was working too hard!

A great effort by everyone who seemed to (in a sadistic way) enjoy the workout.
The final workout graph looked like this

2018-01-26 (12)

A tough day at the office – but great work.  Join us soon for more!

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