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Discover the total holistic performance coaching package for you and your lifestyle.

Unique bike fittings blending biomechanical and aerodynamic fits for the ultimate racing position
Discover our unique bike fitting service blending biomechanical and aerodynamic fits for the ultimate racing position
An improvement of 4 minutes and 26 seconds over 25 miles...
How do you qualify for IM Kona at your first attempt when you're an inexperienced runner?
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Peaks Sports Consulting are THE total coaching solution for triathletes and cyclists. We address the mental, physical and practical aspects of the sports to support, manage and inspire busy working professionals to achieve their athletic potential.

Introducing 'Viewpoint' – the total performance coaching package

At Peaks we realise that there is no ‘magic bullet’ to achieving your sporting goals. Success comes from the optimum attention to and integration of numerous factors. Such as your training, your kit, your diet, your preparation and your mental approach. Because of this, we have developed VIEWPOINT, a unique new multi-disciplinary package, to focus on all these important aspects through one solution. It’s a fully 1-2-1 personal coaching plan totally tailored to you and your goals. Our Platinum and Gold VIEWPOINT packages will support you in every aspect you need to achieve your sporting ambitions.

Imagine a sports consultant who can plan, manage and integrate every tailored aspect of your triathlon or cycling performance? This is ‘VIEWPOINT’, a total holistic coaching performance package developed by National 24 hour time trial champion, Andy Jackson. VIEWPOINT enables us to keep every aspect of your performance in view, in-balance and on target.

VIEWPOINT is our unique total solution coaching system. It’s aimed at busy working professionals who want to achieve their cycling or triathlon ambitions. It could be finishing a 100 mile cycling sportive or achieving a time trial personal best. Or maybe you have entered your first sprint triathlon or you want to finish an Ironman full distance event.

We have a fully Ironman certified coach, DNAFit expert and full service bike fitting guru in Andy Jackson. He can guide your approach, whether it’s the CTT National 10mile Time Trial Championships or qualification for the Ironman world championships in Kona Hawaii.

We can also advise on the correct diet balance for you based on your individual DNA profile. This valuable service helps maximise recovery and prevent injury, all in relation to your own individual profile.

Over the years we have also developed close relationships with key partners such as Evo2Max, Aerocoach, CeramicSpeed, ISM Saddles, Blue Seventy wetsuits and OTE. Because of these close relationships we can offer VIEWPOINT clients extra special discounts. Which means our athletes can also benefit from key elite performance products they need to ensure success.

Peaks offers full service coaching for cyclists and triathletes

Why Peaks?

Learn from our mistakes, not yours! We've been where you are, combining a stressful career, family life and athletic ambitions. Through hard won experience we balanced these stresses to achieve National and International sporting success. Because of this, we can guide and coach you to achieve your goals in a balanced and healthy manner.

Want the ultimate in personalised training and nutrition? We are DNAFit experts, able to test your personal DNA profile


Want the ultimate in personalised training and nutrition? We are DNAFit experts, able to test your personal DNA profile. Partnering with DNAFit ensures we can tailor training, nutrition and diet recommendations to maximise results. Which means you will benefit from your valuable training window and achieve peak performance.

We offer the ultimate bike fitting service with biomechanical and aerodynamic bike fits

Bike Fitting

Cycling success is underpinned by a perfectly fitting bike. Andy has been trained to 'IBFI' fitting standards by the best in the UK so we can offer the ultimate bike position. So, by combining aerodynamic and biomechanical fits, we can achieve optimum performance for our clients.


"Three years ago I had very limited time to train. I was like a headless chicken with my approach to managing my riding time. Today, I'm still time poor! But the difference is I have Andy to coach, mentor, support and plan my valuable time. And the brilliant thing is, I can go to him for every aspect of my training and racing, even bike fitting! As a result I don't need to stress about organising meetings with different specialists, Andy offers it all in one package. Because of this, he can easily see my progress across all the disciplines, leaving me to just concentrate on hitting the numbers and seeing the results progress."
Mark Haynes
VIEWPOINT cyclist & time triallist


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